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Frequently Asked Questions

Trail socks are typically expected to be capable of withstanding whatever the outdoors throw at you. These types of socks are designed to withstand heat, cold, moisture and the stress which footwear bears while running, climbing or hiking trails through rocky, dry and muddy terrain. Quality trail socks need to provide not only comfort but also extra protection from the elements as they support your feet in tougher environments and the uneven surfaces which all come part and parcel with outdoor activities.

When it comes to trail running, wearing your standard, everyday socks can cause problems in the way that wearing steel-toed boots would on a racetrack. For this type of activity in rougher or more dangerous environments, trail running socks are purpose-built and a must for the avid outdoor enthusiast – trail running requires support additional to your footwear and allows for your feet to be able to adapt to the terrain.

The thickness of trail socks can most definitely vary. Trail and trail running sock thickness, and the materials used will change depending on the purpose of the socks and the environment the wearer is going to be in – for warmer environments, a thinner sock with better breathing and insulation makes much more sense than say, a thick, woollen sock designed for colder, icier trails and keeping moisture out.

Unlike regular socks which tend to be more simplistic and made for everyday use (but can still keep your feet blister free!), trail socks are designed with the expectation of being used outdoors and for activities such as hiking trails. They’re designed to prevent blisters, chafing and bigger problems from arising while keeping your feet protected from the elements through the use of padded panels/cushioning and breathable materials. Check out our online shop to buy men and women trail socks online right here in Australia, all podiatrist-designed to meet the highest in orthopaedic standards.

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