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The Best Tennis Socks. Full Stop.

Our white VECTOR Tennis Socks are Sports Podiatrist designed to keep your feet dry, cushioned and responsive on court. So whenever you need to change direction, your socks wont slip in your tennis shoe. How?


Our podiatrists have added grip strips to the comfy, cushioned sole of the VECTOR tennis socks. They’ve also designed them to be tennis socks that keep your feet comfortable and dry while playing. Breathable yarns and the latest sock technology prevent your feet from feeling too hot or sweaty while you’re owning the court.


The white sock design also means no matter which court you’re playing on, these socks will be accepted. Wimbledon? The home of the white sock? Yep you can play there too. Now we can’t say your shoes wont slip on the grass, but we money-back guarantee you these white tennis socks wont slip in your shoe. They’re also cushioned to help absorb shock from running around on hard tennis courts.



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