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Hate Blisters? You’ll LOVE These Socks.

Our sports podiatrist designed range of anti-blister socks are guaranteed to prevent blisters and keep your feet dry. Go as far and as hard as you like, Lightfeet anti-blister socks feature breathable mesh for cooling, a cushioned sole for maximum support, seamless toe and technical yarns. The result is cool, dry blister-free feet. Guaranteed.


Since our anti-blister socks come with a no-questions, 100% money-back guarantee there’s nothing to lose. Go far, go hard. Check your feet for blisters. Your Lightfeet socks will keep your feet protected.


Frequently Asked Questions

Anti-blister socks, also known as blister prevention socks or non-blister socks, are specially designed to help reduce friction and keep the feet dry. They typically use moisture-wicking fabric as well as design features such as seamless toe construction to help reduce chafing.

Foot blisters are primarily formed when intense friction causes a tear between the layers of the skin, which then becomes filled with fluid. Sweaty feet and moist or ill-fitting socks can contribute to the formation of blisters. Anti-blister socks help combat these issues and decrease the chance of blisters forming.

Breathable, moisture-wicking sock materials are considered best for blister prevention because they help keep the feet dry. Many of Lightfeet’s anti-blister socks are made with COOLMAX® fabric, which is a blend of polyester fibres specifically engineered to transport moisture away from the feet and keep you cool, dry and comfortable, while preventing blisters.
Most anti-blister socks are suitable for a range of activities. The most popular activities being:

That said, some types of anti-blister socks are designed for specific activities. For example, Lightfeet’s hiking socks have anti-blister features while also providing additional padded comfort for rougher terrain.

The right anti-blister sock length depends on the types of shoes you wear and the activities you do most frequently. If you do activities such as basketball or hiking, for example, you might prefer a traditional mid-length crew sock that sits higher up on the calf under hiking boots or basketball shoes. If you usually wear runners or tennis shoes, anti-blister ankle socks or mini crew socks could be the right option for you.

Browse Lightfeet’s full range of support socks for men and women online, with 100% money-back guarantee.

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