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Solve Foot Odour With Comfy Socks

Lightfeet anti-odour socks aren’t just comfy, they’re anti-odour machines! Our Sports Podiatrists designed these socks with technical yarns that keep your feet feeling cool, dry and fresh. What’s inside and how does this sock help tackle foot odour?


It starts the the fabrics. COOLMAX® wicks away moisture and keeps your skin cool and dry (socks that prevent moisture prevent odour). Then there’s X-STATIC®, a soft silver fibre that kills bacteria on contact – so you can wear these socks every day without worrying about foot odour! Plus, they’re designed with arch support for added comfort and padding across the Metatarsal heads (which are common rubbing areas) as well as the toes. So if you want to feel comfortable in your shoes all day long, then Lightfeet Anti-Odour Socks are just what you need!


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