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Cushioned, Breathable, Moisture Wicking Golf Socks

We guarantee you’ll love these Sports Podiatrist designed golf socks as much as your favourite golf club. Seriously. When you’re standing at your sock draw, choosing which pair to wear, you’ll be reaching for Lightfeet Golf Socks. In fact, if you buy them, play a round and don’t feel that way – we’ll give you you’re money back. That’s how confident we are.


Lightfeet Golf Socks use the latest in technical yarns and moisture wicking technology to keep your feet cool, dry and blister free even if you’re playing a round of 36 holes in the middle of summer. Try them on, and let us know what you think.


Frequently Asked Questions

Podiatrist-designed golf socks are specifically crafted to keep your feet cool, dry and blister-free. Lightfeet’s range of golf socks use the latest in technical yarns and moisture-wicking technology, so you’ll be comfy even if you’re playing 36 holes in the middle of summer.

Our range of protective and cushioned socks for golf includes:

Want even more support? Try our golf insoles, offering a combination of orthopaedic support as well as cushioning and shock absorption for performance-enhancing comfort.

Moisture-wicking technology refers to the use of specific fibres that draw moisture away from the surface of the skin and towards the outer layer of the fabric, where it evaporates more quickly.

This helps avoid sweaty feet, keeping you dry and comfortable and reducing chafing – one of the biggest culprits of blisters.

If you’ve ever been struck by sweaty feet or blisters while playing a round, switching to golf socks can make a world of difference. Because golf socks are specifically designed to wick away moisture, cushion the feet and prevent blisters, they can take your comfort and your game to a whole new level.

We guarantee you’ll love Lightfeet’s podiatrist-designed golf socks for men and women as much as the game itself. In fact, we’re so confident you’ll be converted as soon as you play a round in our golf socks, that if you don’t agree – we’ll give you your money back with our 30 day money back guarantee.

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