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Frequently Asked Questions

Tennis is, of course, a court sport. The surface of where court sports are played will either consist of harder concrete/clay, wood or turf surfaces of some sort which still have harder underlying layers of sand, clay or silt. Tennis in particular is a sport which involves a lot of quick, sharp and sudden movement/changes in direction with lots of impactful jumping and landing (akin to basketball) – on a harder surface, this kind of activity can wreak havoc on the feet. Much of the pressure, strain and resulting injuries/pain can be alleviated and even prevented through use of the best insoles for tennis shoes – these would be: grip insoles. These types of tennis insoles provide the extra traction/non-slip grip that tennis players require for control and court feel, shock absorption and that heel/arch support needed to keep feet stabilised and reduce the impact of running, landing and overpronation.

When a podiatrist is at the helm of a therapeutic, medical product designed to be used for feet, you know that it’s going to tick all of the right orthopaedic checkboxes. Insoles for tennis shoes which are designed by a medical professional can ensure that your insoles reduce shock and impact, cradle the heel to keep feet stable, straight and avoid overpronation while also providing enough arch support to evenly distribute body weight throughout the various parts of your foot. This can ultimately lead to better muscle efficiency and reduced joint stress, particularly when paired with specialised tennis socks.

With the added stability, support and balance assistance of tennis shoe inserts, it’s likely that you’re going to notice an improvement in your performance. Grip insoles in particular would be classed as the best insoles for tennis since, much the same as basketball, they provide an element of extra traction/non-slip grip between your feet and the soles of your shoes for added control and court feel – necessary for a sport in which quick movement is constant and inches can matter. Healthier, looked-after feet means more time on the court and less on the touch-line.

Buy your men and women tennis insoles online from Lightfeet today, we ship our amazing range of products Australia-wide (and beyond) – make sure to also take advantage of our 100% happiness guarantee as well!

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