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Best No Show Socks | Lightweight Invisible Socks

4.84 (195 reviews)


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An invisible sock with elastic trim for a no slip fit. This Podiatrist designed invisible sock is super comfy because it doesn’t slip or bunch. The cut-out heel is trimmed with elastic for a perfect fit and stretch cotton blend for optimum breathability

– Low profile for comfort you can’t see.
– Elastic trim for a perfect no-slip fit
– 70% Cotton – helps keep feet cool and comfortable
– Mesh upper to enhance airflow and breathability
– Designed by Australian Sports Podiatrists

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Lightfeet’s invisible socks are designed with an elastic trim for a comfortable no-slip fit. The cut-out heel is also trimmed with elastic for a snug fit and the stretch cotton fabric blend provides optimum breathability to help keep feet cool and comfortable.

There’s also a mesh upper to enhance airflow and breathability, which means our invisible socks are ideal for wearing whenever you want your feet to feel cool and comfortable but don’t want your socks to show.

One of the biggest benefits of choosing podiatrist-designed invisible socks is that they’re specially made to support healthy mechanics of the foot and help prevent common issues such as foot odour and blisters.

Lightfeet’s breathable no-show socks are designed by top Australian podiatrists, using expert knowledge to ensure they’re performance-enhancing and provide superior comfort. That means no blisters and no sweaty feet!

To shop our complete socks range, browse our collection of socks for men and women online.

Invisible socks, also known as no-show socks, have a very low profile – which means you can’t see them under most footwear such as trainers, sneakers, dress shoes, boat shoes and loafers.

  • 70% COTTON
    helps keep feet cool and comfortable
    For comfort you can’t see
    Venting and mesh allows fresh air to circulate between toes
    Lightfeet Invisible socks are Made in China.
    All Lightfeet socks are designed by Australian Sports Podiatrists using the latest technology for optimum comfort and fit.

195 reviews for Best No Show Socks | Lightweight Invisible Socks

  1. Catherine

    This was my second purchase of invisible socks. They are a staple of my wardrobe – summer or winter. I’m so glad I “discovered” them at a shoe shop I was visiting while on holiday.

  2. Amber

    When they say lightfeet they really mean it. These are perfect for being on my feet all day teaching – super comfy. They do stick out of the top of my shoes a little bit

  3. Matthew

    Great invisible sock! They are not invisible if you are wearing something like a loafer but they are perfect for a casual white sneaker or sport shoe!

  4. Nat Court

    Best!!! Do not fall down

  5. Bill Woolley

  6. Kate

  7. Nicole v.

    Amazing socks, never fall down! I got the small size and I’m a women’s US 7.5/8, my Mums a US 9 and they fit us both perfectly.

  8. Kathi B.

  9. Joelle

    Great lightweight sock. Could be slightly lower cut but still much better quality than others I have purchased in the past.

  10. Lynette H.

    At last invisible socks that FIT. Having small feet the extra small size are perfect. No more slipping into the shoes and having to remove. Thank you.

  11. Julie MORRIS

  12. Anne Davies

    I bought these to replace many different brands of invisible socks in my drawer which are never worn due to not fitting quite right. These fit perfectly under my sneakers and are very comfortable so I will be eliminating the other brands from my sock drawer to accommodate more lightfeet socks.

  13. megan d.

    Have tried a few types of ‘hidden’ socks with my sneakers and most I want to rip off my feet within an hour. These ones did not feel like that at all, and seemed to breathe better and were not too tight. Have already mentioned these socks to my friends and they’re great value too.

  14. Anonymous

    This is my first time ordering Lightfeet socks and definitely won’t be the last. Very breathable and comfortable. I highly recommend.

  15. Anonymous

    Love them! Especially great with sneakers

  16. Anonymous

    Love love love these socks, they are comfortable, always stay up and last for ever.

  17. Robert B.

    Best socks I have ever worn. I own 16 pairs! Great for training and casual wear.

  18. Anonymous

    These don’t slip off. Well worth the money

  19. Cathie T. (verified owner)

    These are the best socks ever for my needs! They do not fall down. They fit snuggly but not too tight, any they ARE invisible.
    I love them and would definitely recommend them.
    They are great!

  20. Abby S. (store manager)

    Great socks

  21. Melanie (verified owner)

    Very comfortable,non restrictive socks

  22. Elizabeth C. (verified owner)

    they stay on really well

  23. Jennifer S. (verified owner)

    I recently purchased the invisible sock from light feet because I was incredibly frustrated with every invisible sock on the market. They always shrink to the size of a new born bootee after one wash. Even more annoying due to the shrinkage they would roll off my heel with every step I took. The Light Feet Invisible is perfect and lives up to the superior quality I have come to know from all the light feet socks I now have in multiple styles and colours. They are without equal in the sock market.

  24. Tricia Carnevale (verified owner)

    I love these Invisible socks. I wear them mostly in summer under my dressy lace up shoes. I have had two operations on my right foot for osteoarthritis and these provide good support around my mid-foot without the bulk of a normal sock. They also stop my shoes from getting too smelly and are easy to rinse out and dry which makes them great for travelling.

  25. Suzanne (verified owner)

    Amazing invisible socks, always stay on

  26. michelle (verified owner)

    Great buy! Wouldn’t purchase any other invisible socks.

  27. Richa CA (verified owner)

    Very breathable. Fit nicely. Best socks I’ve ever bought!

  28. JBevis (store manager)

    Hi Narelle, I hope I was able to help you out, we completely understand the frustrations caused by Australia Post at the moment. If there is anything else we can do please don’t hesitate to reach out. All the best, Jake

  29. JBevis (store manager)

    Hello, please feel free to contact me directly at I’m unsure of what the issue is at this stage but I would love to make it right for you. Kind regards, Jake

  30. Sue (verified owner)

    Fantastic purchase, just ideal for wearing when a thicker sock not required and yo do not want to have to put up with the synthetic socklets

  31. Theresa (verified owner)

    Very comfy socks,

  32. Jane Sullivan (verified owner)

    So comfy..the best of these type I’ve ever had.

  33. Wendy J. (verified owner)

    These are the best socks by far…. Especially is your shoes eat socks off your heels, these are the only ones that don’t fall down…. 👌🏼

  34. Nicchia S. (verified owner)

    Perfect fit and really comfortable

  35. Diana (verified owner)

    Super comfy with no pull around the toes and no annoying seams sticking into you. Soft and not soggy post-exercise – great sport socks!

  36. Sue (verified owner)

    Not as good wearing as previously

  37. Donna (verified owner)

  38. Christina B. (verified owner)

    Love these socks I’ll never buy anything else!!!

  39. Julie (verified owner)

  40. Donna M. (verified owner)

    These socks are so good I’ve just ordered more. They don’t slip or bunch and are low enough not to be seen under shoes.

  41. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very comfy to wear and they do not slip off which is great. Supportive.

  42. Allyson Boehringer (verified owner)

  43. Norm B. (verified owner)

    Love these socks. Comfortable and durable.

  44. Megan H. (verified owner)

    So comfy and light

  45. Amanda (verified owner)

    Socks came very quickly and very comfortable

  46. Ros (verified owner)

    I’ve purchased many invisible socks over the years and none seemed to be satisfactory until I came across “lightfeet” I initially purchased one pair due to previous disappointed purchases of other brands. I simply love these socks. They are so comfortable, retain shape, never slip down and wash beautifully. I have since purchased another three pair. Thanks “lightfeet”

  47. Katie (verified owner)

    Perfectly invisible socks for trainers.

  48. Anonymous (verified owner)

  49. James Boyland (verified owner)

  50. Susan M. (verified owner)

    At last. A comfortable sock that stays invisible whilst not bunching back into my sneakers. Thank you.

  51. Taemar (verified owner)

    I have tried other brands of invisible socks and never been happy. They really don’t move…wore them all day and they never got “eaten” by my shoe.

  52. Rob B. (verified owner)

    Still the best fitness socks on the market

  53. Derek H. (verified owner)

    Comfortable and feels stretchy

  54. Lisa (verified owner)

    Best invisible socks. Don’t fall down. Super comfy.

  55. Jane (verified owner)

    No slipping down in the shoes!

  56. Cathy B. (verified owner)

    Love these socks. They stay put & nver ride down

  57. Amanda (verified owner)

    These have become my new everyday socks! They don’t slip and aren’t visible.

  58. Cathy S. (verified owner)

    They do as they are meant to do. Stay in place, stay comfortable and wash and dry perfectly

  59. Sandra (verified owner)

    Love these socks. True to your word….no blisters and they don’t disappear into your shoe!

  60. Cathy B. (verified owner)

    Love theses socks as they never disappear into my shoes

  61. Carmen Camilleri (verified owner)

    Very comfortable socks.

  62. Lorraine W. (verified owner)

    These are THE BEST invisible sock. Thanks to my SIL for putting me on to them – we’ve now both been buying these for years! You won’t be disappointed!

  63. Amanda (verified owner)

    They are brilliant to wear inside ankle boots so they don’t rub, thin and easy to hide!

  64. Alison Griffin (verified owner)

    Easy and efficient ordering and delivery Very happy with product

  65. Melinda B. (verified owner)

    I have been buying these socks since 2016 and now buy them as gifts for friends. They are excellent value for money and comfortable to wear. I buy all 3 colours. I highly recommend the Light Feet invisible socks.

  66. Angela (verified owner)

    Love these! They are like a cross between socks and stocking. This is my second purchase of invisible socks and I’d buy them again.

  67. Kate G. (verified owner)

    The only socks I wear! I was frustrated with my shoes always “eating” my socks until I found these Lightfeet socks. I have thrown all my old socks away and will only ever buy Lightfeet from now on. The best!

  68. Lee M. (verified owner)

    I can not have too many of these socks! Stay on. No rolling. Great for trainers, boots, gym shoes, runners…all of them.

  69. Jo (verified owner)

    Great product. Can recommend

  70. Renee (verified owner)

    These look great, are comfortable and stay up, not slipping under!

  71. Anonymous (verified owner)

  72. Beth (verified owner)

    Love my new socks and they are very comfy

  73. Janis D. (verified owner)

    Just love these socks. Very comfortable. I have had foot surgery on both feet and have bought many brands and had to throw them away, as they hurt my feet. These are perfect. I am very hard to please, so everyone will love these.

  74. Raelee (verified owner)

    Comfortable socks that stay put in my shoes.

  75. Wendy (verified owner)

    Very Quick delivery, love the invisible socks. The only ones I wear … thank you

  76. Allyson (verified owner)

    These are great socks, soft material but well made. They are barely visible when I wear them with my sneakers. I have quite a few pairs and wear them regularly.

  77. Vikki (verified owner)

    I love my Invisible socks …I have been buying them for a few years. They are great for everyday wear and especially when travelling as they dry overnight. They hold their shape and do not slip down the back of your heel when walking.

  78. Damien (verified owner)

    Very comfortable

  79. janet (verified owner)

    Extra comfy socks that stay put

  80. Marianne Z. (verified owner)

    Marianne: These are the only socks that don’t slip down my feet. I’d recommend them to anyone

  81. tim (verified owner)

    Invisible socks great quality and service and communications professional.

  82. Julie (verified owner)

    I’ve been buying these socks for a few years now they are very comfortable and wear well.

  83. Deborah (verified owner)

    These are my favourite socks, they stay in place, no falling down. The elastic around the top is long lasting and the fit is great.

  84. Pauline (verified owner)

    I love them. Comfortable, no show, don’t slip.

  85. Jennie Campbell (verified owner)

  86. Rebecca (verified owner)

    I love these invisible socks because they don’t slip and don’t make my feet hot like some other brands tend to. I wear the black ones and the beige coloured ones. I used to buy them at The Athlete’s Foot, however, they have stopped carrying the beige ones so I order them direct from Lightfeet.

  87. Lynne (verified owner)

    most comfortable invisible socks I have ever worn and they stay put

  88. Sandra K. (verified owner)

    Love these socks! Fit perfectly and wash and wear so well

  89. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The socks are comfortable to wear

  90. Terri-lyn (verified owner)

    Perfect for wearing with my white fashion joggers, giving me the comfort and support my feet need without showing.

  91. Helen Lea Casagrande (verified owner)

    Really happy with purchase

  92. Lyndall (verified owner)

    I love these sockettes. They are the only ones I have found that DON’T slip down. I have bought them for all the women in my family!

  93. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Delivery was a bit slow

  94. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Perfect fit with nothing showing above my shoes

  95. Beverley A. (verified owner)

    These are the only brand of socks I buy, they don’t wear out, stretch and I’ve never had a hole in any of them . They’re so good now my adult children wear them. What else can I say except they’re fantastic!!!

  96. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Best socks ever. Always had trouble with my shoes eating socks but not in the case. Will definitely be purchasing more.

  97. Anonymous (verified owner)

  98. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great service.
    Great socks. The only ones that don’t ride down under the heel.

  99. Tina D. (verified owner)

    These light feet socks are the best I’ve found, they actually stay on your feet and are really soft & comfortable.

  100. Andrew Faulks (verified owner)

    Excellent service and product

  101. Andrew F. (verified owner)

    Excellent service and product

  102. Andrew (verified owner)

    Excellent service and product

  103. Paul (verified owner)

    They fit perfectly and feel great. I have always used Lightfeet for my running socks and these haven’t disappointed.

  104. Helen

    Socks felt good on. The sock was still visible with my shoe on. Very similar profile to the other anklet sock. Would love a lower profile sock that was not seen that was padded.

  105. rosemary H. (verified owner)

    Love these socks. They are so comfortable and stay where they are supposed to, on your heels. Will definatly be buying more.

  106. Anonymous (verified owner)

    love ’em…

  107. Julie M. (verified owner)

    Love my new socks, best purchase in a while – my feet are very happy 🏃🏻‍♀️😎

  108. Wendy A. (verified owner)

    Best thing invisible socks on the market !! Love them, thank you..

  109. Simone (verified owner)

    Amazing walking/ running socks that never slip. Only issue is they pill easily so don’t last a long time

  110. Pauleen (verified owner)

    Fantastic socks. Excellent for small feet.
    I have worn them for years.

  111. margaret (verified owner)

    These socks don’t slide down unto my shoes..hallelujah..

  112. Renee H. (verified owner)

    Great socks, very breathable and comfy 👌

  113. Steve (verified owner)

    Very comfortable and perfect when you want the invisible look.

  114. Lisa (verified owner)

    Most comfortable socks I’ve ever worn!

  115. Kath (verified owner)

    Really happy with these. Don’t irritate like nylon ones do.

  116. Olive S. (verified owner)

    The most comfortable summer socks as usual.

  117. Jane S. (verified owner)

    First pair of no shows that don’t roll up under my feet! Very comfortable and great quality. 👏

  118. Myra (verified owner)

    Best no-show socks ever! I previously had 2 pairs of Lightfeet socks that lasted years, and went all around India, Nepal and Japan with me. Good grip at the heels – the socks never slips off my heels. And that says a lot, as I’ve bought numerous socks and they never successful stay on! Which is why I am back to buy more!!

  119. Hazel S. (verified owner)

    Much, much better than alternative sockets but just a little high towards the ankle.

  120. Margaret (verified owner)

    Great Socks!! I wear them every day.

  121. George Nasr (verified owner)

  122. Jody (verified owner)

    Love these socks so light and comfortable and they don’t move in your shoes plus they keep the feet cool.

  123. Margaret Wigman (verified owner)

    I love my light feet socks. I wear them everyday.

  124. Olivia P. (verified owner)

    Ever since discovering these socks a few years ago, I (and my family now also) wear only these! I have black and white pairs; they’re so comfy, and perfect for everything from around the house to when I run in the evening. Lightfeet for life! X

  125. Fred (verified owner)

    Best non show sock by far. I have tried other brands that are a waste of money.

  126. Robyn (verified owner)

    No slipping off heels

  127. Mick (verified owner)

    Great product, great price and amazing service as always

  128. Bronwyn (verified owner)

    Best Socks, I have over 10 pairs, they don’t slip down like other no show socks, it is the way they are designed. Don’t waste your money on others.

  129. Anonymous (verified owner)

  130. Anonymous (verified owner)

    At last a no show sock that suits men and women and stays on all day.
    They come in different sizes, fit comfortably without scrunching my toes and last for months (maybe years) without my big toe making a hole! They are the sock presents that everyone loves to get.
    I love the buy 2 get 1 free offers so I can stock up for the family.

  131. Sally Muto-Henderson (verified owner)

    Love these socks. They never move on my feet. And you can’t see them. Breathable and very comfortable
    Highly recommended

  132. Allison W. (verified owner)

    Best inner socks I’ve ever purchased.

  133. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very comfy and my shoes haven’t eaten them yet.

  134. Cheryl (verified owner)

    Absolutely love these socks.

  135. June Gameau (verified owner)

  136. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great to with fashion sneakers

  137. sandra h. (verified owner)

    Great socks … Use them all the time and delivered promptly. May try X-small next time instead of Small for slightly firmer fit around heel area.

  138. Ann P. (verified owner)

    Gray socks

  139. Elise (verified owner)

    Very quick postage and great product

  140. Steve O. (verified owner)

    Good fit and perfect when you want the invisible look

  141. Cassie (verified owner)

    Hands down (pun intended) the best socks. No hungry shoes no creep down half way. These are ideal and a great thin sock.

  142. Lisa Baird (verified owner)

  143. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Yes, they are no show. Definitely lightweight…kind of stocking like. Hopeless to train in, but they do as they advertise, so it’s all good.

  144. Karen-lee Wheeler (verified owner)

    Best sox I have ever had been purchasing for years . Never fall in shoe , don’t show , so comfy , feel like you’re not wearing them , wash amazing , even in the dryer they come out great . Liv these sox get on them everyone x

  145. Debra (verified owner)

    Excellent communication, order process and fast delivery

  146. Lynn Oakey (verified owner)

    I have purchased many no show socks and have found most of them end up in the shoe! With my new no show lightweight socks I had none of this happen. They stayed in place and were so comfortable.

  147. Vicki Jones (verified owner)

    Love these no show socks. They are soft, comfortable & no sliding under your feet when you put your shoes on.

  148. Toni O. (verified owner)

    The Lightfeet invisible socks are basically the only invisible socks that stay on your feet,
    and the anti blister socks are invaluable when wearing new shoes.

  149. Craig Britcher (verified owner)

    Great product.Timely service

  150. Sandra Christie (verified owner)

  151. Danni (verified owner)

    Best socks I’ve ever worn! So comfy and don’t slip down! I’ll be getting more for sure

  152. Chelsea (verified owner)

    Best non slip socks I’ve ever bought

  153. Jenni (verified owner)

    Love these socks!!! Fabric nice and stretchy and the best part is that they never fall down.

  154. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The best and most comfortable no show socks ever!!! Threw out all my other brands after wearing these.

  155. Patricia D. (verified owner)

    Love no show socks wear most days.

  156. Adrienne (verified owner)

    Very comfy socks, perfect for travelling!

  157. Anonymous (verified owner)

    My go to socks! They never slide off, they are pretty much invisible and super comfy. Have not found anything comparable out there.

  158. Annette Dean (verified owner)

    Love them. they are the only socks that don’t skip off my feet.

  159. fay b. (verified owner)

    These no show socks are perfect. It’s the first time my no show socks haven’t been gobbled up and disappeared under my foot. For that reason I give 5 stars.