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Frequently Asked Questions

Netball is a hugely demanding sport, with a lot of sudden stopping and starting, jumping and running. It’s for this reason that players must look after their feet, which is why netball insoles can make a big difference to your game. For this active sport, we recommend our grip insoles, which offer both support and grip. The top of each insole has a rubber cover that’s non-slip for added traction in your game, while the insole itself contains LIGHTFEET HEEL ANTISHOCK™ technology, which is designed to absorb some of the shock with each footfall. The arch support in these netball insoles also align your feet to reduce the strain on your muscles and ligaments, ensuring your feet and body are well supported and cushioned throughout the game.

Anyone who plays netball should consider wearing netball insoles. Injuries and strains are not uncommon in netball, especially to ankles and knees due to the high impact nature of the sport. Players can help to minimise risks of injuries such as plantar fasciitis and strains with appropriately supportive footwear and insoles, especially netball insoles that have been designed by podiatrists such as out Lightfeet grip insoles. These insoles align the feet to reduce the strain on your ligaments and muscles, while offering superior arch support, impact reduction, added cushioning for comfort, and premium grip with rubber tops. Not to mention, they are self-moulding and anti-odour for a better fit and fresher feel.

Netball insoles add support, comfort, and alignment for your feet. Our podiatrist-designed netball insoles are made to support your feet through the hard impacts and fast play of a game, with a shape that gently aligns your feet into the proper position to minimise strain on your body and muscles. Additionally, our netball insoles are made with LIGHTFEET HEEL ANTISHOCK™ technology to help reduce the impact on your body from every footfall, as well as LIGHTFEET ReGEN™ technology to return some of your energy into your foot for better spring in your step. Plus, the added self-moulding cushioning ensures our netball insoles perfectly fit your feet and add soft comfort when playing on hard surfaces.

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