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Insoles For Pregnancy Help Sore Tired Legs

Yes, Arch Support Insoles ARE important for pregnant women.

Pregnancy related SOFTENING OF LIGAMENTS and the added weight of carrying a baby can cause arch-pain and foot overload. This often leads to long-term arch and heel pain. But don’t worry, quality insoles can solve this problem. In fact, our Podiatrists are so confident Lightfeet insoles will help you during pregnancy, that we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. Here’s why…

Prevention of Pregnancy related foot pain should focus on ARCH SUPPORT and SHOCK ABSORPTION.

LIGHTFEET SUPPORT INSOLES are designed by Podiatrists, with Arch Support and Shock Absorption, to allow your feet to remain PAIN FREE during your pregnancy.
The LIGHTFEET SUPPORT INSOLES encourage good posture and correct distribution of pregnancy weight across your entire foot. This helps keep the arches of your feet healthy, pain free, and properly supported throughout the different stages of your pregnancy.

The shock absorbing, moisture-wicking and breathable foams of the LIGHTFEET SUPPORT INSOLES will help your feet stay cool, dry and comfortable. We are so confident these insoles will help you during your pregnancy, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to your feet during pregnancy?

As most expecting parents will tell you, some of the more-noticeable physical setbacks of pregnancy can relate to your weight-bearing feet. During pregnancy, feet can experience 2 of the more commonly known problems which tend to get worse as you’re progressing through trimesters: Swelling (otherwise known as Oedema) and flattening of the arches (Pronation). Swelling is caused by the build-up of fluids and tissue in the feet and ankles while Pronation is due to the shift in weight, applying extra stress to feet, ankles, shins and calves when feet roll inwards and arches flatten. For this reason, supporting your feet through pregnancy is a must!

How do pregnancy insoles alleviate stress on the arches of your feet?

Pregnancy insoles are specifically designed to help ease pressure and stress on the arches of your feet by providing additional support and stability. The body goes through many changes while you’re pregnant and the best insoles for pregnancy should provide a way for feet to adjust to these changes and deal with the additional stress on your arches through weight distribution, balance support, heel stability and that dash of extra comfort/padding.

A visit to a podiatrist will typically confirm the effectiveness of insoles for pregnancy on your swollen feet. Inflammation from Oedema causes feet to overload, which can result in pain and discomfort, all which can be alleviated through additional arch support, shock-absorption and better blood flow/circulation – all beneficial uses of support insoles (which are also known to help with general posture).

How does proper arch support and shock absorption assist in preventing foot pain during pregnancy?

One of the core functions of insoles for pregnancy is to support your arches. This can be done via stabilisation of the heel and helping with weight distribution. Through the aid of the insole’s cradle supporting your heel, maternity insoles can stabilise and prevent your body from skewing in one direction, leading to excessive Pronation. The concept of shock absorption isn’t specific to insoles but the desired outcome is the same: minimising impact. Absorbing the shock caused by walking/exercise and general changes to the body during pregnancy means less pressure on your joints & tendons – which means less pain in your feet, ankles, shins and calves.

At what pregnancy stage is best to invest in maternity insoles?

As women’s bodies morph in several ways during pregnancy, it’s commonplace for feet to have a noticeable level of uncomfort in different stages. Because changes to the body start from weight gain experienced in the first trimester, we recommend the use of our maternity insoles earlier on in your pregnancy to proactively avoid pain, rather than react to it!

There’s no better place to buy pregnancy insoles online for women in Australia than Lighfeet, please feel free to browse our range or get in touch with our friendly team of professionals if you have any questions or concerns. We stock not just maternity support but everything from sport-specific to slimfit insoles as well.