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Elevate your next hike with premium insoles designed for Australian terrain. Our collection of hiking insoles offers a variety of arch support and cushioning options to keep your feet happy on even the toughest trails.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do insoles help with hiking?

A good pair of insoles can make your hiking trips much more comfortable for both your feet and your body. Hiking insoles are designed specifically to add cushioning, support, and guidance for your feet, which means that they are more comfortable and can help to absorb more of the shock each time you take a step. By adding guidance, this means your insoles help to guide your feet and joints into the right alignment, reducing strain and the chance of injury to your muscles and ligaments – this is naturally very important when spending all day on your feet walking over uneven ground, especially with the added weight of a backpack.

What are considered the best insoles for hiking?

The best insoles for hiking boots are any pairs that have been designed by podiatrists to support and cushion the feet. With their experience and knowledge in dealing with foot alignment and injuries stemming from unsupportive footwear, podiatrists are the best equipped to design insoles for hiking.

For example, our podiatrist-designed hiking boot insoles are self-moulding to fit your feet, have arch support to align your foot, and help to improve muscle efficiency and reduce joint stress. They also offer LIGHTFEET HEEL ANTISHOCK™ to reduce impact, and SwiftFoam™ to keep your feet cool and dry. There’s nothing that will ruin a hike faster than painful feet, which is why great hiking insoles can make all the difference to your experience.

Who should consider wearing insoles for hiking?

Anyone can benefit from wearing hiking insoles, but those who have dealt with any kind of foot, knee, or joint pain while hiking should seriously consider it. Hiking boot insoles are specially designed to offer greater cushioning and support for superior comfort while hiking, especially when you’re walking over uneven terrain and carrying a heavy pack on your back, adding to the stress on your feet and joints. The best insoles for hiking, such as our Active Neutral Insoles, will also align your feet in every step to reduce the chance of injury and protect your joints.