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The BEST Netball Sock. Guaranteed.

The VECTOR Netball Sock is Sports Podiatrist designed to keep your feet responsive, dry and cool on the netball court. So whenever you need to stop, pivot or switch direction your sock wont slip inside your netball shoe. How?

Grip strips have been added to the comfy, cushioned sole of the VECTOR netball sock. Our podiatrists have also focused on making sure these netball socks keep your feet dry and comfy – no matter how hard you’re playing. It’s the breathable yarns and the latest in sock technology that prevent your feet from feeling too hot or sweaty while you’re pressing the netball court.

In fact, these socks are so well suited to netball that we money-back guarantee you’ll love them. So there’s nothing to lose. Grab a pair, wear them for your next netball match and make sure you’re as convinced as we are. You’ll get your money back if they’re not the best netball socks you’ve ever worn.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of podiatrist-designed netball socks?

The biggest benefit of podiatrist-designed netball socks is that they’re specifically made with orthopaedic principles to optimise traction while keeping your feet cool, dry and blister-free.

Lightfeet’s range of netball socks have grip strips across the comfy cushioned sole, so whenever you need to stop, pivot or switch direction your sock won’t slip inside your netball shoe. They’re also made with a seamless toe construction to stop toe chafing (and blisters) as well as fast-drying Coolmax® yarns – so no more sweaty feet on the court!

What sock length is best for netball?

There’s no hard-and-fast rule when it comes to sock length for netball, so it really comes down to what you find most comfortable and supportive.

Lightfeet’s range of socks for netball comes in two different lengths, so you can choose a style that suits you best:

Both styles are crafted in a comfortable mid-weight fabrication with grip strips to maximise energy transfer.

Why should I consider purchasing socks specific for netball?

If you’ve ever played netball under the harsh heat of the Australian sun, you’ll know all too well that sweaty feet, slippage and blisters are unavoidable – unless you have a good pair of netball socks in tow.

The best socks for netball are crafted to wick away moisture, cushion the feet, prevent blisters and optimise traction so you can move around easily.

We guarantee you’ll love Lightfeet’s podiatrist-designed netball socks for men and women as much as you love dominating the court. In fact, we’re so confident you’ll be converted as soon as you try them, that if you don’t agree – we’ll give you your money back.