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Super Comfy & Supportive Arch Support Flip Flops


Lightfeet Arch Support Flip Flops are designed by Australian Sports Podiatrists to provide the support you need to feel super comfy all day long.
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Arch support flip flops FAQs

What are arch support flip flops?

Arch support flip flops look similar to normal flip flops but are specifically contoured to provide superior arch support, reduce joint stress and align the foot for improved muscle efficiency.

Lightfeet’s arch support flip flops have all the qualities of a traditional orthotic, and offer all-day comfort and support.

Why do you need thongs with good arch support?

Some of the most important reasons why you need flip flops with good arch support include:

  • They provide contoured arch support for all-day comfort
  • They promote optimal foot posture to keep your muscles working as efficiently as possible
  • They minimise joint stress and provide superior shock absorption
  • The contoured design means they will stay on your feet

Can kids wear arch support flip flops?

Yes, arch support and orthotic flip flops are great for providing additional support for growing feet. Wearing arch support flip flops can help develop and support the foot arch during the formative years and beyond.

Why are our flip flops the best arch support flip flops?

Like our socks and insoles, our arch support flip flops are designed by top Australian sports Podiatrists who’ve combined the latest arch support technology with a classic flip flop design. The result is a stylish-looking flip flop that provides complete support and wearability.

Our arch support flip flops are also specially designed to offer longitudinal and transverse arch support with a deeper heel cup that cradles the foot. This means our flip flops will stay on your feet, so your toes don’t need to constantly grip.

In addition, our specialised Revive™ foam minimises joint stress and provides superior shock absorption, so you’ll feel like you’re walking on a cloud all day long.

What materials are our arch support flip flops made from?

Lightfeet flip flops with arch support are made with recycled materials, so you can feel good about wearing them and do your part to protect the planet. Browse our collection today to buy online, with Australia-wide shipping and international options.

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