About Us

Our story began in 2001 when Australian Podiatrist Dan Thomas was inspired to design and create a library of cost effective orthotics – for the specific purpose of offering affordable solutions for orthotic patients.

Originally the orthotics were ONLY AVAILABLE TO PRACTITIONERS in AUST, NZ, UK and the US. However, in 2006 Dan expanded the company to develop a RETAIL RANGE – and the LIGHTFEET brand was born.

Since then, Lightfeet has grown into one of Australia’s leading brands of Sports Performance SOCKS, INSOLES and FLIP FLOPS with Arch Support.

All of our products are designed by Australia Sports Podiatrists, using expert knowledge to ensure ALL of our products deliver on our promise of –

  1. Super Comfortable
  2. Performance Enhancing
  3. Pain Prevention
  4. Pain Relieving

Whilst Lightfeet expands globally, we still maintain a strong community focus, and we fully acknowledge and appreciate our growing Lightfeet community.

Our professional pride continues to drive us to design and produce the highest quality products – ethically and as eco-friendly as possible.

Ultimately we aim to empower you – to do more of what you love.