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Lightfeet's basketball insoles have been designed by Podiatrists to have a non-slip rubber top-cover that optimises traction for court sports.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What insoles are best for basketball?

Basketball, like court sports often tend to be, is very taxing on the feet and lower extremities. A basketballer’s feet will pivot, jolt, and stop/start constantly at speed throughout the course of play, always changing direction, overpronating and bearing the impact of landing from jumps at height – when you consider this is all happening on hard wooden/concrete floors, you can imagine the pressure an athlete’s foot is under. Insoles for basketball shoes exist to provide that extra level of support and stability while you’re on court – the best basketball insoles would be something like our active support orthotic insoles.

What are the benefits of podiatrist-designed basketball insoles?

When it comes to the development of a product (especially something which is medical/therapeutic), designing it with the input of a professional is almost always going to significantly improve the product and its effectiveness. Podiatrist-designed basketball (or grip) active support orthotic insoles cover all bases when it comes to court sports and what your feet need: Extra traction/non-slip grip for added control and court feel, shock absorption and heel/arch support to keep feet stabilised and help to minimise impact – all of which can combine to reduce the chance of foot pain and injuries from occurring.

How do proper grip insoles help with basketball performance?

The best insoles for basketball shoes need to not just be supportive and protective, they also need to give you an upper-edge! Proper grip insoles provide the additional traction/grip which a baller needs to improve court feel and elevate their game. Proper orthopaedic basketball insoles should assist with your balance, stability and absorb the impacts of a hardened court to help lessen the chances of injury, improve muscle efficiency and reduce joint stress – all adding to keep you off the bench and in the game.

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