Pregnant woman walking along city street

Managing Swollen Feet While Pregnant

Pregnancy Changes Your Feet

Changes in your feet are quite normal when you are pregnant. The hormones, which circulate in your body to help your open the pelvis in preparation for child birth, can also affect all parts of your body. The softening of ligaments, in conjunction with weight gain during pregnancy, often lead to foot and arch pain. Joint hypermobility is common, and can cause the arches of the feet to flatten out. Flat feet can then lead to secondary issues such as plantar fasciitis and heel spurs.

This is a common side-effect of pregnancy – but it can be avoided.

Designed by podiatrists, the Lightfeet Support Insoles are contoured to encourage a normal curve in the foot. This can help you to carry your pregnancy weight injury free. The Lightfeet Support Insoles help facilitate cushioning of the body weight during walking and other activity. They are comfortable and padded enough to help keep you light on your feet as you walk. The moisture-wicking, breathable texture of the Lightfeet Support Insoles helps keep tender pregnant feet cool and comfortable.

Expanding Feet

Your feet can also lengthen as they flatten in pregnancy, and may need to be accommodated by bigger shoes than you normally wear. Water retention which tends to happen in pregnancy can be another cause of swollen feet and pregnancy weight gain. As well as trying to minimise standing, you may need to invest in a pair of larger size shoes than normal.

Lightfeet Support Insoles can be comfortably placed in larger pregnancy shoes. This will ensure expertly-engineered arch support and minimise the risk of injury while you move.

How can I Give My Feet the Best Care While I am Pregnant?

Resting with your feet up for about half an hour every day will boost blood flow. It will help your feet to withstand the challenges of bearing pregnancy weight.

Try these two simple exercises to improve pregnancy foot circulation and ease discomfort:
• Rotating the joints of the ankles up to 10 times, gently, in both directions
• Pointing and flexing each foot 10 times, gently

Gentle exercise like walking and swimming help the blood circulation in overworked feet. Drinking water may seem counter-intuitive if you are retaining water, but good hydration in pregnancy is actually vitally important. Exercise, rest and hydration are also factors in avoiding pregnancy-related headaches, backache and other physical pain.

While you walk, work or care for older children, Lightfeet Support Insoles help your feet stay healthy and injury free. Their shape and shock absorption are a valuable addition to the care you need. Lightfeet Support Insoles encourage good posture and correct distribution of pregnancy weight on your feet. They will help keep your arches healthy and properly supported throughout all the changes of pregnancy.