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Protect Your Feet With Lightfeet Insoles

LIGHTFEET Diabetic Insoles are designed to help people with diabetes reduce their foot pain and improve their quality of life.

As podiatrists, we know compromised blood flow and reduced nerve function in the feet, are common side effects of diabetes. As a result, balance and shock absorption can become a problem.


We’ve designed our LIGHTFEET range of Diabetic Insoles to specifically provide support, cushioning and distribute weight evenly across your entire foot.

The LIGHTFEET insoles for Diabetes are designed with the highest-quality materials for shock absorption and moisture management, to help prevent pressure points, and keep your feet cool, dry and comfortable.

We’re so confident our Diabetic range of LIGHTFEET INSOLES will help you – we offer a 30 day money back guarantee


Frequently Asked Questions

The symptoms and side-effects of an ailment like Diabetes stretches far beyond issues with just feet. In today’s age, Diabetes can be managed quite effectively and when it comes to symptoms relating to the feet, diabetic insoles can be quite successful in relieving pain and discomfort. Some of the core symptoms for Diabetics are issues with poor blood flow to the lower extremities, ulcers/blisters/pressure sores, numbness and swollen feet/ankles. The use of Diabetic insoles or medical arch support insoles can help to alleviate some symptoms by helping manage your blood flow, providing support in terms of balance and shock absorption, lessen friction/pressure which could otherwise lead to sores and also through the support they provide, evenly distributing your body weight over the entire surface of the foot. If you’re ever feeling any severe symptoms/pain, always consult a Podiatrist!

In short, yes. Diabetic and Neuropathy insoles provide the same functionality and serve the same purpose. Neuropathy is a symptom of Diabetes (over half of Diabetics experience Diabetic Neuropathy or nerve damage) but it can also be standalone, something which anyone can be at risk of. It’s caused by damage to the peripheral nerves located outside of the brain and spinal cord and can lead to pain, numbness or tingling of the body parts, much the same as what a Diabetic person would go through and need respite from.

The best insoles for Diabetics are always going to be the ones which provide the most relief, support and comfort. Due to the sensitivity of a Diabetics feet, they’re greatly at risk of not only discomfort but serious injuries and infections. Effective Diabetic insoles should assist with blood flow, balance/support, shock absorption and be comfortable while relieving excessive pressure. A combination of both Diabetic insoles and socks is highly recommended for full effect.

Balance assistance and shock absorption are important factors for a few reasons when it comes to feet and the associated side-effects of Diabetes. 2 key things commonly occur to a Diabetic’s lower extremities; swelling and tingling/numbness. When feet swell, they obviously lose their natural shape and this expansion also causes the buildup of pressure – the use of medical arch support insoles can help to keep feet stable and relieve this pressure by evenly distributing body weight. Loss of balance is also quite common with feet that can’t be felt partially or at all due to numbness and tingling, which makes preventing feet from moving or rolling oddly inside shoes without support paramount.

Please feel free to browse our range of online products today – there’s no better place in Australia to buy orthopaedic insoles for men and women!

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