8 Reasons Why You Need Running Socks for Your Next Run

8 Reasons Why You Need Running Socks for Your Next Run

Try to run or walk a kilometre in your shoes without socks and see how you feel. Now try doing that ten times over. Eventually, the drawbacks of running without a specifically designed pair of running socks will become clear. Here are eight reasons why you need running socks for your next run.


1. Hygiene & Freshness

Dedicated runners will replace their running shoes every 500-800 kilometres. But running without any socks, let alone without a pair of running socks, is not only uncomfortable but can also make for some stinky running shoes. Moreover, you could be putting yourself at risk of obtaining health issues, such as an athlete’s foot.

Even in cases where this isn’t true, running without socks usually causes sweaty feet, which not only smell but will stink up your expensive running shoes, as well as cause slippage during a run; this in turn, can result in foot muscle overcompensation and consequent muscle soreness.

2. Comfort

Have you ever tried running long distances without appropriate socks? Chances are, if you have, at some point, you’ve become uncomfortable. If you’re new to running, you’ll soon discover that comfort is a primary factor in enjoying your workout.

Just like you don’t just want your music playlist sorted (because who wants to have to change songs mid-workout) and your earbuds and phone to be secure and in a comfortable place (not banging around in your pocket bruising your legs), you also want your feet comfortable and well-fitted in your shoes. More than that, you want socks that grip your shoes, provide the right level of support to your feet, and wick moisture away.

Never underestimate the importance of being comfortable during a run. A pair of lightweight socks can make a huge difference.

3. Moisture Control

When you run without socks, all the sweat in your feet accumulates not only on your feet but also into your shoes which creates a moist environment that becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. It can create a slippery surface where your feet move around in ways that they shouldn’t, resulting in discomfort or injury. The absolute best running socks have moisture control built in them, meaning you can be free of concern when it comes to sweat-related running risks.

4. Warmth

Have you ever gone on a run and gotten cold feet? We’ve all been there before. The best lightweight running socks hug your feet to keep them warm. Added bonus, the moisture-wicking properties of running socks keep your feet dry (whilst still promoting warmth).

Today, running socks are made from a variety of materials such as merino wool, cotton, or in the case of Lightfeet running socks, Coolmax® yarns for maximum moisture management and temperature control. They also use 99.9% pure silver thread, which combats the bacteria and microbes that cause stinky feet.

If you want your socks to be invisible, you can choose no show socks that provide both warmth and comfort with their breathable materials and moisture-wicking properties. They also offer added cushioning for extended comfort while wearing shoes. Best lightweight socks are ideal for work, exercise, or leisure activities.

When it comes to sock length, that part is completely up to the runner’s preference. Some runners like to run with longer socks like our Evolution Crew Socks because they offer more warmth during the colder months. Others prefer the increased calf ventilation that comes with wearing a pair of ankle socks. Either way, all running socks serve the same purpose: to protect your feet during runs.

5. Superior Fit

You wouldn’t want to go running in a pair of fuzzy tube socks that you’d wear with your pyjamas. Dedicated running socks provide a superior, professionally-designed athletic fit. Meaning they hug your feet in the right areas to promote proper alignment and the kind of grip that allows for a comfortable run and happy feet!

6. Blister Prevention

Excess sweat and moisture, not to mention foot-to-shoe contact can lead to blisters. Blisters can get quite uncomfortable and if they’re bad enough, they can even prevent you from going running at all. Whether you’re training for a 5km run, a marathon or just getting into running, the occurrence of blisters can hamper your progress. What’s more is that some blisters are prone to getting infected (which isn’t something anybody wants).

Thankfully, anti-blister running socks (sometimes called no-blister running socks) are designed to prevent runners from getting blisters. They not only provide a barrier between the shoe and the foot, thereby reducing friction, but they also wick moisture away from the foot.

7. Compression

Most running socks offer some form of pressure or foot support – such as compression socks. But why wear compression socks for running?

Compression socks help increase blood circulation and this is essential to allow more oxygen to reach your tissues. Wearing compression socks during runs creates positive pressure that stimulates blood away from the feet and legs, back towards the heart.

Compression socks are also beneficial in reducing the effects of lactic acid build up after running. Lactic acid is produced by the body when glucose is broken down to generate adenosine triphosphate (a source of energy found in our bodies). The more time lactic acid stays in the muscles, the more likely it is that you’ll feel sore after an intense run. However, appropriate running socks can help reduce the soreness that accompanies lactic acid build up.

So as you can see, compression socks for runners can be great for increasing comfort during and after exercise, thereby preserving your feet health. Additionally the compression gear may also prevent varicose veins and other severe foot and leg issues.

8. Extra Cushioning & Foot Support

If you’re looking for an extra layer of cushion in your shoes, especially for those high-friction areas, some of the best running socks will offer just that! In fact, running socks, such as ours at Lightfeet, are designed for comfort and promote healthy, normal foot movement.

Our performance socks offer the kind of cushioning that, when coupled with a supportive pair of well-fitted runners, leads to healthy, happy feet and joints!

Final Thoughts

You are now likely well aware that choosing high-quality running socks is essential to being comfortable, hygienic, dry, and blister-free during your runs. If you’re ready to equip your feet with the best lightweight socks available, then shop our range of sports performance socks today!