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Amazing Court-Feel with Lightfeet Basketball Socks.

Sports Podiatrist designed, the VECTOR Basketball socks keeps your feet dry, cushioned and responsive on court. We’ve added grip to the comfy sole, so when you change direction, there’s no slipping and no lag, just amazing court-feel. It’s the ultimate basketball sock.

Our basketball loving podiatrists know that when it comes to basketball, explosive movement matters. So Lightfeet VECTOR basketball socks were born. The grip sits below a comfy padded layer of ventilated cushioning that means these socks aren’t just breathable and comfy, they prevent your socks from slipping in your shoe. It’s a basketball sock designed to give you the edge on your rivals. Try them out. We’re 100% sure you’ll love them. Get your money back if you don’t love these VECTOR basketball socks as much as we do.

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