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How Lightfeet Insoles Treat Plantar Fasciitis

Lightfeet Support Insoles are designed by Podiatrists specifically for the treatment of Heel Pain and Plantar Fasciitis.

If you’re experiencing the following symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis, you’ll love these Insoles. Here’s why…

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Frequently Asked Questions

What insoles are best for plantar fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis is inflammation of the ligament connecting your heel to the front of your foot, called the plantar fascia. It can be caused by factors such as by strenuous exercise, overuse, poor foot mechanics or wearing shoes without proper arch support.

With this in mind, the best insoles for plantar fasciitis focus on arch support to gently align your foot and reduce the load on the plantar fascia.

How does plantar fasciitis affect what insoles to wear?

Because plantar fasciitis is specifically caused by inflammation of the plantar fascia ligament, it’s important to choose insoles that focus on arch support – this reduces the load on the plantar area of the foot and allows the ligament to heal.

What does “shock absorption” mean for plantar fasciitis insoles?

Shock absorption helps to soften and disperse the amount of energy that enters your foot with each step or jump. This helps ‘spread the load’ across your entire foot and reduces strain on your plantar fascia ligament.

Should plantar fasciitis insoles be soft or hard?

Plantar fasciitis insoles should be firm enough to provide adequate arch support, while still being flexible enough to mould to the shape of the foot and allow for comfortable mobility.