Best Insoles for Hiking Boots: What Insoles are Best for Arch Support & Shock Absorption?

Best Insoles for Hiking Boots: What Insoles are Best for Arch Support & Shock Absorption?

Footwear has a huge impact on our lower limb health and foot comfort. In fact, a 2020 foot health survey by the Australian Podiatry Association found that over a third of Australians surveyed who have changed their footwear have experienced pain. What’s worse, the same survey found that two out of three Australians have never received advice on correct footwear.

We’re here to help fix that. If you’re looking for advice on the best insoles for hiking shoes, you are in the right place. 

At Lightfeet, we’re driven by the desire to provide Australians like you with cost-effective orthotics, insoles, socks, and thongs. But more than that, we are driven by the desire to help people resolve their foot issues and empower them by increasing their quality of life.

What are Insoles?

Insoles, otherwise known as shoe inserts, are moulded inserts or composite pieces designed to fit inside your shoes. The primary function of insoles is to provide a layer of padding and arch support to make the shoes in which they’re placed more comfortable for the wearer.

Insoles can even offer added warmth, grip, and cleanliness since they can be removed from the shoe and replaced. This last often overlooked benefit of insoles can be especially useful for hikers who want to get the maximum life out of their hiking boots. 

Not all insoles are created equal, though. Some insoles of inferior quality may not do much at all, other than provide a little extra cushion or shock absorption.

The best insoles, like our podiatrist-created arch support insoles, offer extra support to help remedy foot pain and other issues.

How do Insoles vs. Orthotics Compare?

You may have heard of orthotic arch supports, often referred to simply as foot orthotics, or orthotics. What are they, exactly?

The word “orthotics” comes from the Greek word “Ortho”, which means “to straighten”. Orthotics, therefore, help align your foot to your shoe, improving your gait, and providing additional comfort.

Whereas insoles usually can be ordered by shoe size or in sizes like small, medium, and large, orthotics are typically podiatrist-ordered and/or custom-made for your feet and your feet only. This gives them an exacting fit – but it also means they can’t be ordered in a pinch – and that they often cost more money than many Australians have or are willing to spend.  

This is the challenge we were faced with when creating our Lightfeet insoles. It’s also why our insoles are designed to provide as close to a custom fit as possible.

Should I Wear Insoles for Hiking?

Yes! Wearing insoles for hiking can be a fantastic way to add an extra layer of support and stability to your hiking boots, especially if you suffer from flat feet or plantar fasciitis. As notes, “for high-volume outdoor adventures like hiking, a high-volume insole would be most efficient. It’s important to have arch support.”

It’s also valuable to consider the effects of impact on your feet, and this is where shock-absorption insoles are beneficial, especially for activities like hiking or running. You can also choose to wear hiking socks with your hiking insoles to add additional support. 

Choosing Insoles for Hiking Boots in Australia

In a general sense, it may help to think about choosing the type of insole you use depending on what kind of pain or foot symptoms you may be experiencing

  • If your feet slip or slide at the heel, a simple heel grip could remedy the issue.
  • If your shoes are too big, you may wish to order insoles that are the correct size and see if that makes a difference (though we don’t recommend wearing oversized shoes with an activity as strenuous as hiking).
  • If the balls of your feet burn or ache, a foot cushion could help.
  • If your heels are too big, toe inserts could help.

When choosing the best insoles for hiking, specifically, there are additional considerations to keep in mind, such as the amount of walking a hiker does out on the trails, the type of foot movement involved in hiking on uneven terrain, and more.

That’s why at Lightfeet, we offer a range of insoles suitable for hiking. And, also hiking socks for both men and women to add an extra layer of comfort. 

Our Active Neutral Insoles are engineered with state-of-the-art ReGen Energy Return Foam and are designed to help you bounce back with every step and maximise your performance when hitting the trails.

And for support for your foot, our revolutionary insole has three-step arch support that protects against injury. Designed by Australian Sports Podiatrists, our Arch Support Insoles offer improved muscle efficiency, impact reduction, energy return and are built with ContourTech to optimise comfort. (Plus they are anti-odour and breathable to keep insoles fresher for longer.)

About Lightfeet Insoles for Hiking and Trail Activities

What sets Lightfeet insoles apart from other insoles? As we’ve mentioned above, not all insoles are created equal. Our insoles arch support and shock absorption insoles are designed with strenuous conditions that are part and parcel of hiking in mind:

  • Our podiatrist-designed insoles are self-moulding to fit your feet.
  • Our insoles have arch support to align your foot, help to improve muscle efficiency and reduce joint stress.
  • Our insoles offer proprietary LIGHTFEET HEEL ANTISHOCK™ technology to reduce impact, and SwiftFoam™ to keep your feet cool and dry. 

Final Thoughts 

There are many different types of insoles out there, so doing your research and choosing the right insoles for your unique needs and uses is important.

Whether you have heel, joint, or foot pain all of the time or these issues only activate when you’re hitting the hiking trails, our arch support and shock absorption insoles may help you. 

Give them a try today and if you don’t like them, we’ll give you your money back!