Podiatrist Recommended Arch Support Flip Flops

Super Comfy Arch Support Flip Flops

Lightfeet Arch Support Flip Flops are designed by Sports Podiatrists to feel super comfy all day long thanks to superior arch support.

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No More Tired Aching Legs

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Cushioned Comfort

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Made from

Recycled Materials

Lightfeet Arch Support Flip Flop in Black

Arch Support Flip Flop | Black $39.95 USD

Lightfeet Arch Support Flip Flop in Khaki

Arch Support Flip Flop | Khaki $39.95 USD

Person's feet in Lightfeet Khaki Flip Flops on beach


No More Tired Aching Legs

Pair of Lightfeet Arch Support Flip Flops in Soft Pink

Arch Support Flip Flop | Soft Pink $39.95 USD

Pair of Lightfeet Arch Support Flip Flops in Peach

Arch Support Flip Flop | Peach $39.95 USD

Pair of Lightfeet Arch Support Flip Flops in White, top view

Arch Support Flip Flop | White $39.95 USD

Lightfeet Arch Support Flip Flop in Coastal Grey

Arch Support Flip Flop | Coastal Grey $39.95USD

Lightfeet Arch Support Flip Flop in Denim

Arch Support Flip Flop | Denim $39.95 USD

Pair of Lightfeet Arch Support Flip Flops in Lavender

Arch Support Flip Flop | Lavender $39.95 USD

Pair of Lightfeet Arch Support Flip Flops in Black with Diamante

Arch Support Flip Flop | Black with Diamante $44.95 USD

Lightfeet Arch Support Flip Flop in Navy

Arch Support Flip Flop | Navy $39.95 USD

Lightfeet Arch Support Flip Flop in Melon

Arch Support Flip Flop | Melon $39.95 USD

Pair of Lightfeet Arch Support Flip Flops in Latte

Arch Support Flip Flop | Latte $39.95 USD

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Designed by

No More Tired Aching Legs

Close up of feet in Denim Lightfeet Flip Flops, on beach
Lightfeet Flip Flop with list of benefits

Arch Support

Supports & Maintains Foot Alignment

Super Comfy

Classic Flip Flop

Supports & Maintains Foot Alignment

Diagram showing T Bar & Straps and One Piece design of Flip Flops
Cyclist on beach wearing Lightfeet Flip Flops



“Comfy, light, snug. My feet feel so supported by wearing them”
Linda (verified owner)


“Super comfy flip flops and the Arch Support is so awesome!!”
Jodie (verified owner)


“Excellent product. So comfy my partner also purchased a pair”
David T.(verified owner)

Diagram showing how Lightfeet Flip Flops are made from Recycled Materials


Eco Friendly

Made from Recycled Materials

Frequently Asked Questions

What are arch support flip flops?
Arch support flip flops look similar to normal flip flops but are specifically contoured to provide superior arch support, reduce joint stress and align the foot for improved muscle efficiency. Lightfeet US’s arch support flip flops have all the qualities of a traditional orthotic, and offer all-day comfort and support.
What makes a good and supportive flip flop?

A supportive flip flip should include generous cushioning and arch support to offer comfort, promote a healthy posture and reduce foot pain and aching, tired legs.
The Lightfeet US range of flip flops is designed by Australian podiatrists to provide the support you need to feel super comfy all day long. Crafted with a deeper heel cup and high arch support, our comfortable flip flops for men and women provide both longitudinal and transverse support for your feet.

Add T-bar design that prevents toe clawing and you have a set of therapeutic benefits that are unique to Lightfeet US footwear. Whether you suffer from aching legs or need a little extra cushioning to support better posture, our arch support flip flops are made with ReVive Foam® to offer superior shock absorption and provide you with the relief that you’re looking for.

The result is a stylish-looking orthotic flip flop crafted from sustainable materials, which offers both stability and comfort.

Take a look at our footwear reviews and sizing guide for more information.

What are the benefits of a supportive flip flop?

Some of the biggest benefits of wearing supportive flip flops include:

  • They provide contoured arch support for all-day comfort
  • They promote optimal foot posture to keep your muscles working as efficiently as possible
  • They minimize joint stress and provide superior shock absorption
  • The contoured design means they will stay on your feet
What makes the most comfortable flip flop?
The most comfortable flip flops utilize the key principles of orthotic footwear design such as arch support, cushioning and shock absorption. While they may look like regular flip flops, flip flops with good arch support and cushioning not only provide all-day comfort but also help to minimize issues such as heel pain, aching legs and plantar fasciitis.
Why should I consider purchasing flip flops designed by a podiatrist?
Podiatrist-designed flip flops are specifically engineered to offer added support and comfort using proven orthopedic design. Each pair of flip flops from Lightfeet US is designed to include podiatry contours that offer relief from heel pain and even plantar fasciitis. Our Australian flip flops are also crafted from recycled EVA, which molds to the shape of your foot, creating a super comfy fit. Our unique process of repurposing EVA from offcuts to powder, pellets and then flip flops is so environmentally friendly that they’ve been Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certified. With so much to offer, we’re confident Lightfeet US offers the best flip flops with arch support you’ll find. That’s why we offer a full money-back guarantee with every pair sold.
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