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Top Tips for Improving Your Netball Performance

Netball – Fit, Fast and Furious

As a netball player, you know all about the rapid stops, starts and turns which make the game simultaneously fun and challenging. These multiple fast moves can exert considerable downward pressure on your body. This can place stress on the joints of the feet, ankles and knees. The soles of your feet are therefore under constant stress and can develop painful calluses and blisters.

To maintain healthy feet, netball players need to be supported by top quality shoes and accessories.

Lightfeet Grip Insoles have been ergonomically designed to cushion and support netball players’ feet to minimise the risk of injury. Lightfeet Grip Insole has a rubber footprint to improve Grip and ‘Court Feel’,to maximise explosive turns and pivots . The Lightfeet Extreme Energy Return Pads at the forefoot helps add spring in your step as you throw and jump. The soles are moisture wicking, antibacterial and the arch contour cradles the feet to help minimise friction and sliding during fast moves – so you can get on with winning the game.

The Lightfeet Socks are specifically designed by Podiatrists to minimize callus and blister formation. They are padded with grip stripes, left and right fit, and the padded cushioning is made with Coolmax Technology to specifically improve moisture control. These are quite simply the best quality socks on the market – and specifically designed for netball.

Benefits of Being Part of a “Netball Family”

Because you play netball, you will really know what it means to think on your feet. You must sprint rapidly to catch that ball and pass it to your teammates. You need lightning-fast reflexes and the ability to make hard stops and change direction quickly. These skills require strength, fitness and flexibility, making netball an excellent cardiovascular workout.

The speedy inter-player communication and teamwork involved in netball make it one of the most popular team sports worldwide. The wordless communication necessary on the court can help bring netball teams together socially too. Many players attribute firm friendships to meeting their “netball families” in their clubs or university teams. The rush of competing and winning at netball can also be fun, exciting and almost addictive.

How to Optimise Your Netball Performance

Good nutrition and keeping your weight healthy can help you to stay on top of your game. Correct stretching, warming up and cooling down exercises are another facet of ensuring optimal performance on the netball court. Match fitness and diligent training are essential to getting the most out of your potential to win.

Flat-footed and high-arched players are at greater risk of foot injuries while playing netball than those with normal arches in their feet. The Lightfeet Grip Insole is contoured to cushion your arches optimally, compensating for any foot irregularities. Its shock absorbent design helps prevent stress on your feet as you land. The extra grip toe cover helps stop slippage so you can concentrate on your game and avoid blisters and pain.

The Lightfeet Extreme Energy Return Pad at the forefoot of the insoles puts a spring in your step as you throw and jump. The soles are moisture wicking and antibacterial, making every feature of the Lightfeet Grip Insole designed to enhance your performance.

Lightfeet Vector Performance Socks are the perfect socks for netball players. They are padded with special Grip Strips to help prevent slippage as you move. Lightfeet Vector Performance Socks provide targeted padding which reduces the risk of blisters and raw areas on players’ feet. They are made with CoolMax Moisture Control Technology so you can move in comfort and let our socks support you, effortlessly.

We know that you need your clothing and footwear to support you comfortably while you play.

Diagram showing benefits of Lightfeet Grip Insole
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