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Looking For The Best Insoles For Running?

You’re in luck! Lightfeet running insoles are designed by sports podiatrists who know what it takes to get your feet feeling great. Our insoles for running shoes use only the highest quality materials that help reduce shock, provide support, and keep your feet supported and comfortable no matter how far you run.


Whether you need extra cushioning or arch support in your running shoe inserts, we have an option for you. What makes us different is our commitment to providing runners with quality products at affordable prices so every runner can enjoy the benefits of wearing insoles while they run, jog or sprint.


Frequently Asked Questions

The best insoles for running depend on your feet, where you tend to run and whether you have any specific foot concerns you want to address.

For example, if you’re looking for the best insoles for running on hard surfaces, such as concrete, it’s a good idea to choose a pair with great shock-absorbing qualities to reduce the impact on your ligaments and joints.

If you have flat feet or are prone to conditions such as plantar fasciitis, an insole with good arch support can assist by gently aligning your foot to reduce the load on the plantar fascia, which can reduce aches and pains.

The best running shoe inserts for general use can reduce impact and joint stress, help improve muscle efficiency and assist in proper alignment of the foot to improve comfort and decrease the risk of injury.

Lightfeet’s running insoles are designed by Australian podiatrists, which means they’re specifically engineered to support healthy mechanics of the foot, ankle and leg while running.

Our range of running insoles includes:

  • Rebound Shock Absorbing Insoles crafted to absorb impact-shock and engineered with our state-of-the-art ReGen™ Energy Return Foam to maximise momentum
  • Arch Support Insoles built with a unique 3-step arch support to provide the ultimate fit and protection from injury

Each style has anti-odour properties so they stay fresh longer, as well as self-moulding top layer foam for the perfect fit.

Insoles can have a number of major benefits for running, including:

  • Reducing joint and ligament stress
  • Stabilising the foot and ankle
  • Decreasing the risk of injury
  • Improving gait and muscle efficiency
  • Improving overall running performance

Browse our full range of orthopaedic insoles for men and women – made from high-quality materials that help reduce shock, provide support and keep your feet comfortable no matter how far you run.

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