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Frequently Asked Questions

All insoles for soccer cleats need to, before anything else, be comfortable and fit correctly. Comfort is an essential aspect of any sporting insole when their use is almost always going to be in conjunction with rigorous activities and constant stop/start running and sprinting. Right next to comfort sits the therapeutic side of things – all of the best insoles for football boots also need to ensure that the athlete wearing them has optimal cushioning to assist with shock absorption, helping to alleviate the heavy impact of running feet hitting the ground in addition to supporting the ankle and foot (namely the arch and cradling the heel in place for stability). For optimal shape and fit, slim fit insoles will contour the feet best in a soccer boot.
Much the same as the rest of our range of insoles, Lightfeet’s slim fit insoles for soccer cleats come in a variety of sizes and are also purpose-designed by Australian podiatrists to be used as insoles for all modern soccer footwear – if it fits the shape of your foot, it’s going to fit in your boots! If you’re still worried about fit, Lightfeet offer our ‘Happiness Guarantee’ – a 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days of purchase so you can try before you buy.
The benefits of wearing soccer insoles stem directly from the support and shock absorption they provide to the wearer. Cushioning and softening the blow on the lower extremities caused by the impact of running can have an effect on many parts of the body. Not only do feet, ankles and your heel feel protected from injury and pain, the benefits can also extend to the spine and lower back – keeping yourself pain and injury free is paramount, no one wants to sit on the sidelines!

To buy the very best slim fit insoles for football boots (why not check out our arch support thong range too) in Australia for both men and women online, browse our easy-to-navigate e-store today! Lightfeet products are all podiatrist-designed to align with the very best in orthopaedic standards.

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