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14 FREE Fitness Programs: Keep Moving And Stay Healthy

Man in black gym clothes doing yoga in front of a mirror

There are lots of reasons to work out at home – but the arrival of COVID19 has bought into sharp focus the need for us to find new ways to keep active in our living rooms.

We don’t know about you, but after 5-billionity laps of our local neighbourhood and finishing a years worth of home maintenance jobs, groundhog day has definitely started creeping in. 

But here’s the exciting part, finding new habits and ways to keep moving and stay healthy, while gyms and studios are closed, has resulted in some new approaches to working out at home.

If your own studio/gym isn’t already offering online classes we’ve collated a list of some of our favourite workouts – from family fun through to high intensity; there is something here for everyone.

Low intensity (yoga, pilates)


High Intensity

Have we missed your favourite workout? Drop us a line ( or tag us on social media (@lightfeetau) with ways you like to keep moving and stay healthy.

French Bulldog next to woman doing yoga from computer tutorial

Need some grippy socks for your home workout? Check out the Lightfeet Studio Sock.

*Note that the Les Mills App (paid) has hundreds of adult programs – many friends of the Lightfeet team have given this a big thumbs up, it’s $200 for an annual subscription.

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